Process Of Pergamon UNESCO World Heritage

Bergama Municipality had began to work on nomination for UNESCO World Heritage List in 2010 and in April 2011 Bergama succeed in registering his name on Tentative List. State parties present their assets on Tentative List to submit to World Heritage List in the coming years. Thus they begin to introduce those assets to science world, researchers and to conservators.

Then in December 2011 " World Heritage and Site Management Department" was founded within Bergama Municipality. This department prepared the nomination dossier of Bergama by discussing on different topics and meeting on different platforms especially with the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, several universities, non govermental organizations and state institutions and organizations until December 2012. During this process many scientific meetings, panel discussions and conferences were held especially International Bergama Symposium (2011/2013). Literature research was made over thousands of pages from national and international publications, articles, maps and documents. Educational and informing seminars were organized to create awareness.

World Heritage and Site Management Department of Bergama Municipality shared the office and field works resultant data with the Coordination and Supervision Board over meetings during the dossier preperation process.

Criteria showing the Outstanding Universal Values of Bergama became clearer during this process until September of 2012. Then the prepared data and draft nomination dossier was sent to UNESCO World Heritage Committee Center. In November 2012 upon receiving the evaluation letter from Committee, new maps, visual works and comparative analysis which prepared to show nomination criteria of Bergama has outstanding universal values, was added to improve thedossier. In December 2012 nomination dossier was generally evaluated by the experts from Ministry of Culture and Tourism. After this evaluation in January of 2013, the dossier was sent to UNESCO World Heritage Committee by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

In September 2013 an ICOMOS expert visited Bergama to examine on-site by the assignment of UNESCO. Also dossier was being examined by different experts at the UNESCO World Heritage Committee. In September 2013, UNESCO sent some questions formed by the combination of all expert reports, to World Heritage and Site Management Directorate of Bergama Municipality. Questions were generally centred on one question about how the chosen sites entities were chosen. After responding those questions explanatorily, by compiling experts final reports, "Recommendation Report" was prepared by ICOMOS. This recommendation was prepared in a way to give detail information about the cultural and natural assets and also involving suggestions of ICOMOS to the embassadors of 21 countries who will vote in the World Heritage Committee.

Report may make four different suggestions, like;

(1) Inscription,

(2) Inscription upon revision of the dossier in the following year,  

(3) Inscription upon revision of the dossier (State party shall finish revison and submit the dossier within three years)

(4) No inscription for not having Outstanding Universal Values.

ICOMOS experts suggested to minimize the World Heritage Area covering very large area thus to place more importance to ancient sites of Hellenistic and Roman periods.

However Ministry of Culture and Tourism and Bergama Municipality, as being the dossier preparer, decided to oppose this suggestion. In May 2014, our decision was found appropriate in the meeting with Turkey Representative Office for UNESCO, Permanent Delegation of Turkey to UNESCO and academicians.

In conclusion Permanent Delegation of Turkey to UNESCO conveyed brief notes about our decision and its reasons to 20 voting member of Worl Heritage Committee. Our objection was found appropriate during World Heritage Committee meeting held in Doha; capital city of Qatar, on 15 - 25 June and Bergama was incribed on WH List without making any changes. ( June 22 2014)

Bergama is one of the rare examples which was inscribed on WH List carrying out the necessary works during nomination process in the fastest way not just in our counry but among all assets in UNESCO World Heritage List. The process which was started with the insciption onTentative List and followed by nomination process, monitored by UNESCO and ICOMOS, was completed without wasting any time. Bergama has been inscribed on UNESCO WH List within 3 years which is the minimum time for the inscription. The most important factors of this nomination success are determined, devoted and meticulous work of World Heritage and Site Management Office and support of Coordination and Supervision Board.

This work contains the details and experience to be an example for several sites which has been waiting on the list for 15-20 years and tens of other different candidate sites which were inscribed on Tentative List in recent years how to carry out the process.

During the preperation process of the dossier, registration works of some unregistered structures like Roman Aquaducts, The Sanctuary of Kybele, some Tumuli and Columbariums, were carried out. Intangible Cultural Values of Bergama like weavings (carpets, rugs, etc), quilt making, basket making, parhment production, dowry and dowry exhibition, bed of circumsion have been registered as well.