International Bergama Kermesi (Festival)

Bergama is a world city which hosted many civilizations as Hittite, Hellenic, Roman, Byzantine, Seljukian, Anatolian Seljuk Empire and Ottoman.

In 1934 Mustafa Kemal ATATÜRK took a nationwide tour and came to Bergama on 13th of April.He made a speech to Bergama people who was waiting him with wonderingly and enthusiastically. Toured the town and made a meeting with Bergama and İzmirs' notable people at Bergama Community Centre. In that meeting they took very important decisions about Bergamas' future. Most important decision was the need of organising an international fair to introduce the highly valuable historical artifacts hosting Bergama over thousands of years.

Bergamas' people decided with that times İzmir Governer Fazlı Güleç and the other chairmen to execute the very first local fair of country in pioneer town Bergama.

First International Bergama fair was actualised in May 22 1937 by Bergamayı Sevenler Cemiyeti ( an association made by people who set their heart on Bergama ) and volunteers. It had a programme about bringing Bergamas' historical and cultural values into the forefront as Atatürk wished to be. Theatres performing world classics on Acropol and Asklepion, unforgettable Kozak days, seaside entertainments at Çandarlı and Dikili, javelin throw sports,performing zeibek folk dances were at first fairs' programme.

Since 1937, International Bergama Fair has become long-termed fair besides being the very first fair of Turkey by being organised without a break despite those rough years during II. World War and political and economical fluctation in country in those days.

International Bergama Fair is local with its' authentic items, national with its' activities, international with its' scientific, art and tourism participations. Despite to all those passing years fair is still as special as ever with activities on each different squares all around the town, theatres and concerts of world classics performing at Asklepion and unforgettable Kozak days.

As being the first local fair of Young Turkish Republic, International Bergama Fair provides publicity, tourism, cultural and social bondage with concerts at ancient Asklepion, theatre shows, entertainments at town center, meetings about national and international issues and lots of qualified cultural and art activities.

International Bergama fair;

  • Contributes to social life,
  • Introduces our local culture nationally and inetrnationally,
  • For Bergamas' people who mosty make their living on agriculture, it has hotly-anticipated, enthusiastically participated and refreshing context,
  • Bergamas' people schedule their calender for vacation or ceremonies according to fair date, it is a milestone with its date for local people,
  • Becomes a cultural bridge between local people and domestic and foreign visitors.
  • Invigorates the economy,
  • Is a bridge for carrying on our culture with its tarditional characteristics to next generations.