Professional Football Team of Bergama Municipality

Professional Football Team of Bergama Municipality

Professional Football Team of Bergama Municipality founded between 1925-1932 which composed as Yeşil Oba Football team by sports lovers of Bergama coming together. Altough the team was present under different names with more than one team time to time, its real adventure began during 1970s as Bergama Spor with its present colors, red and navy blue. Various tournements organised by central and local administrations due to deep football interest of public. After set up of 3rd League in1983, the team became professional.

Bergama Municipality Sports Professional Football Team still exists at Spor Toto 3rd League, 3rd Group among the most scorer teams of Turkey. Team’s target is to raise up to 2nd League with its line-up involving 6 footballers from Bergama.

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Amateur Works of Bergama Municipalty Sports

Bergama Municipality Sports Club has raised and will be keeping on to raise raise qualified, ethical and successful athletes by drawing a successful graphic at many branches such as football, basketball, volleyball, badmminton, taekwando, karate, orienteering, handball, gymnastics, athletism and trap shooting.

  • Young players raised in Football Academy, joined to Turkey Youth Improvement Leagues at U-14, U-15, U-16, U-17 and U-19 age groups for the first time in 2015-2016 season.
  • Our orienteering team which consists of 20 male and 30 female athletes, is representing our town successfully at Turkey Championships all around Turkey. Our team finished last two seasons being ranked as the second.
  • Our taekwando team has gained successful places in competitions at recent years. Our athletes became first of city at İzmir in general classifications and putted their signature to a historic success by being the3rd at İzmir Taekwando Championship which 800 athletes attended from 18 countries. Our kid athletes became the first in İzmir on their own age group.
  • Our badminton team has been trained by one of national team trainers, Hakan Avcı. Trainings continuine 6 days of week. Besides attending to competitions with youngs,star and kids categories, youth setup works continues with 50 athletes. Our badminton team became 2nd at Bergama Twin Town Olympics in 2014. 5 athletes showed success by being  chosen to Badminton National Team. Our teams biggest goal is to bring World Championship award to Bergama.
  • Besides being in a young age categoried volleyball competition with our boy and girl teams, men team joined to Men Volleyball Regional League.